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Doris Graf-Smith, Interim Priest


My parents met at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Miss John Bouye's Bible Class.  Mom wore a big hat so Daddy could chase her out to the sidewalk after church!  I met Archer at UGA, and he wasn't going to go to church if it weren't the Episcopal Church.  Done.  Fourteen years later, I got a really really strong nudge to consider Holy Orders.  Seminary at Emory's Candler School of Theology was followed by parish pastoring in a flock of churches in the Diocese of Atlanta.  The moral of this story is:  Go to church; wear a bit hat; and listen to God's call to each of us.

Gwin Hanahan, Associate Priest

  Gwin Hanahan, Associate Priest   Gwin, who was ordained an Episcopal priest in April 2013, five days before her 65th birthday, moved to Toccoa after returning from serving in Tanzania as a teacher at Msalato Theological College.  Growing up the daughter of a country doctor attending three rural counties in South Carolina in a time when Clemson was still a village, it is unsurprising that Gwen married Jim, who has a family practice in Seneca, SC.  When not at St. Matthias’, Gwin spends time with her grandchildren.

Gwin was ordained an Episcopal priest at All Saints Episcopal Church, Atlanta in April 2013, five days before her 65th birthday.  Following her ordination, she celebrated her first communion with the Church of the Common Ground, a church community on the streets of downtown Atlanta. Gwin came to St. Matthias’, Toccoa after she and her husband Jim came home from Tanzania where they had been invited by Bishop Mdimi Mhogolo to return, Gwin as a teacher-priest and Jim as a physician. Mission work is in their future! Growing up in the then-village of Clemson, SC, as the daughter of a country doctor, Gwin accompanied her dad as he attended patients across three rural counties. Gwin and Jim raised four children in the Episcopal church while Jim built a large family practice in his clinic in Seneca, SC, and Gwin kept the home fires burning, sometimes teaching at the Clemson Montessori School. Their five grandchildren are lights in their lives.