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Search Process

Search Process

Our Search for a New Rector

Everliving God, we give you thanks for our St. Matthias parish family and for the many lay people and clergy who have served you in this place over the years. We ask your blessing upon this search committee and the vestry charged with calling one of your own into our midst as rector.

Be with us in our work and grant us discerning hearts and minds in the process. May we remember that you are at the center of this committee and may we serve in this capacity with compassion and love. We ask these things in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.


  • Connie Gaines, Chair           Sharon Shailer, Vice-Chair
  • Robin Dake                            Gary Donahue
  • Charlie Kidd                           Sherry Seal
  • Consultant: The Rev. Scott Kidd

Candidates should submit materials through the Diocese of Atlanta's online application system linked here. If someone wants to review St. Matthias' OTM Portfolio they will have to use their personal login to reach that information. 



Follow along with our search process with regular updates and announcements. 

 Parish Profile cover

Parish Profile cover

August, 27, 2018

With great celebration, we announce that the Parish Profile is finished! (bugles play, fireworks go off, people cheer!)

Click here to get your own copy. 

This has been the most work-intensive portion of the search process and the Committee would like to thank Jonathon Wright for all his hard work in layout and graphics. 

June 11, 2018

No, we haven't disappeared. Much diligent work has been done on creating the parish profile and the OTM (Office of Transitional Ministry) information. Here is the committee gathered to go over the rough draft of the parish profile. 



March 28, 2018

The group reviewed the various section each person had written, made mild corrections, and decided what order to present the sections. We then talked through the pictures to include in our profile.

Next, individuals will flesh out some portions we felt needed additional information. Then Sharon and her committee will create a cohesive profile. Once that is done, the group will reconvene to do the final editing. 

March 8, 2018

After meeting with the vestry and getting everyone's reactions to our session with Lamar (Holy Cow!), the Search Committee released a summary of the survey results. We also announced we would hold listening sessions for the next 2 Sundays to make sure everyone has a chance to speak up. 

Click here to get the Survey Summary document. 

Feb 3, 2018

The Vestry and the Search Committee spent the morning going over the results of the survey with Lamar Barber, the Holy Cow Consultant. Next the Search Committee will digest what they heard and figure out the best way to share the results with the parish. 



Dec. 12, 2017

The Search Committee met Thursday to check in to see where each person is in their department.
Robin reported that she is working on a search page for the website. Sherry will be working on a flyer to announce it is time for the parish to take the survey.
Sharon, who is heading up the profile creation, has started looking at profile examples and has tracked down the profiles from the previous searches at St. Matthias. Additionally, she is getting the whole group organized on Google Drive.
Gary updated us on the Holy Cow process (and we all agreed we that is the BEST name). As a reminder, this is the organization that helps us create a survey and analyze the results.

So … Now Hear This
The Survey Will Be Coming Out at the Beginning of January!
(we call it this period Advent of the Survey).

Nov. 28, 2017: First Meeting

We, the Search Committee, met on Tuesday Nov. 28 and got a good start to our work. We agreed to serve the following roles:

  • Secretary – Robin
  • Communications – Robin and Sherry
  • Holy Cow! Liaison – Gary
  • Vestry Liaison – Connie
  • Profile Editor – Sharon
  • Chaplain – Charlie

Holy Cow is an assessment consulting company that will be helping us with our Parish Survey. Gary will be contacting them to get us signed up and started on building a survey for St. Matthias members to take. Of course, we will let you know when it is time for us to hear from you.