St Matthias Episcopal Church
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St. Matthias began in 1886 as a Mission Station of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia with seven families who met in the home of the Schaefers, a parish family, and then in the Methodist church.

In 1910, St. Matthias’ became an Organized Mission and in 1915 an Aided Parish. At the Atlanta Diocesan Council of 1975, the congregation was welcomed to full Parish status.

The name St. Matthias’ is to honor the first Apostle who was selected after the founding of the Christian Church as well as commemorate the consecration date of Rt. Rev. Cleland K. Nelson, Bishop of the Diocese of Georgia and later of Atlanta.


The first church building was a wooden structure consecrated at the corner of Currahee and Alexander Streets in Toccoa and was based on a design by the Bishop in the Carpenter’s Gothic style. That building was sold in 1944 and construction began on a new building at 995 Tugalo Street. During construction, services were held in the Toccoa Women’s Club. The first service in our new location was held on October 5, 1947.

The Parish Hall was added in 1997 and was used to host services after a major fire damaged the church in June 1998.

The old church façade was saved, the beautiful stained glass windows were relocated to the new church and the building remodeled into our Chapel. 

The fire was a milestone in the activity of our membership when many parishioners stepped up to new roles to support the parish. An example of this is the inspiring labyrinth which was hand painted on the floor by two dedicated parishioners. This labyrinth is used by the parish and we are honored to share it with the public.

The new church building was dedicated on February 24, 2001 and we welcome everyone to come and seek Christ in this place.