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Parish life at St Matthias offers our members many opportunities to participate in ministry and fun in church, and in the surrounding community. Sharing worship, fellowship, and food significantly enhances our sense of family unity. Our Pastoral Care Team includes a food ministry, home and hospital visitations, and event receptions.


On the first Sunday of each month, after the 10:30 a.m. worship service, the church family gathers in the Parish Hall for a covered dish lunch. A favorite dish or dessert is provided by church members and shared with all. On other Sundays, after the 10:30 a.m. service, coffee, other beverages and light refreshments are served by parishioners. During the school year, teams of parishioners fix breakfast between the 8 a.m. service and Sunday School. 


We traditionally celebrate the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday with a Pancake Supper. Most recently, this event, known as Shrove Tuesday, was sponsored by the church’s Outreach Committee, who used the proceeds to benefit charitable ministries in both the local community as well as the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.

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Advent, the roughly 4-week period before Christmas, is often observed with a day of quiet reflection or special program. During Lent, the 40-days before Easter, members share Lenten programs which redirect and focus attention on the importance and significance of the events of Lent. An Easter egg hunt and brunch are a special part of Easter Sunday at St. Matthias’. And Pentecost is celebrated by an outdoor service in a local park followed by our annual Picnic in the Park.


The mission of this group is to share the wealth of talent and experience that seniors possess and to make a contribution to our church family. The Senior’s Fellowship of St. Matthias’ held its first meeting on May 9, 2000. Since that time, this group has become one of the most active in the parish. Anyone at least 50 years of age may attend these meetings which are held once a month, either in a member’s home or Parish Hall at the church.

One of their projects was to research and publish a booklet detailing the history of each of the stained glass windows in the Sanctuary. They have also provided financial contributions to our youth programs. A large number of seniors are volunteers for many activities the parish participates in during a year.


St. Matthias’ DOK was established on April 1, 1971, and is an order composed of women who are active inside and outside of the church. Their calling is for prayer, service, and evangelism with a confidential prayer list maintained by all members of the chapter. Assistance is provided to the priest as needed.


Once a year, the parish goes to Camp Mikell for a weekend retreat. Bonds are built while hiking, swimming, eating and playing the human version of Hungry Hungry Hippo (must be seen to be believed). Normally, a facilitator joins the group for an adult-centered morning program and the youth are given the chance to experience their own together time. The weekend finishes with a wonderful camp-style Eucharist on Sunday morning. 

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