Following Jesus Christ, loving and serving in His name,
and encouraging others to join in the journey.

We see our dedication to this mission best served locally and globally. Within our parish family, we strive to identify and satisfy the common needs of our members. We continue this mission through our outreach programs both in and outside our local community.

An early outreach project was to assist in establishing a mission church in Clayton, Georgia. The first service was held in the Clayton Community Center on June 1, 1958, with a Lay Reader from St. Matthias’, John Dillon, conducting morning prayer.

We continued to provided lay leadership until June 1961.

255725_1938535275195_3484678_nFeeding the hungry has always been a priority for our parish.

Initially, St. Matthias’ joined with the Presbyterian Church to found the Toccoa Soup Kitchen and then in 2000, a church ministry started the St. Matthias’ Food Pantry. Over the years, this ministry grew steadily and at the end of 2012, it was passed on to an independent non-profit named Neighbors 4 Neighbors located in our Old Stone house.

In 2011, St. Matthias’ began supporting the Food 2 Kids program, which aims to bridge the weekly weekend hunger gap by providing free sacks of child-friendly and child-specific foods that are easy to open, nutritious, and do not require any cooking.
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We support community volunteer organizations and have members who are strongly involved in organizations such as Open Arms Clinic, Shirley’s Homeless Shelters, Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club, the Circle of Hope and the Salvation Army Angel Tree.